Bectu responds to announcement regarding new BBC Chair

6 December 2023

Head of Bectu Philippa Childs said:

“We welcome today’s announcement, which we hope will provide the corporation and its workforce with some stability following a tumultuous period.

“The BBC faces a number of pressing challenges, including how it responds to a changing media landscape, and the need to make substantial savings brought on by the government’s decision to freeze the licence fee. It will need strong leadership and a Chair and board that is prepared to argue for sustainable funding to maintain a world class service that underpins the success of the wider UK creative industries.

“The BBC’s highly-skilled and dedicated workforce are critical to this success. Bectu members have faced constant uncertainty through a plethora of restructures and proposals; we hope the new Chair will actively engage with the BBC unions to ensure the workforce’s needs and concerns are properly heard.

“Bectu maintains its position that the appointment of a BBC Chair should no longer be a gift of the Government. To preserve a strong and thriving public service broadcaster, licence fee payers need a champion that is independent from the government and is prepared to act in their interest.

“We will continue to fully engage with the BBC to ensure the public service broadcaster is positioned strongly for the future and can continue to deliver for the public and provide security for its workforce.”

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