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I’m not a Bectu member

How do I join Bectu?

Great news! You can join online or by phone on 0300 600 1878.

I’ve got a problem at work, but I’m not a member. Can I still get help from Bectu?

Sounds like a question for our membership department. Call them today on 0300 600 1878 to see if we can help.

I’m a Bectu member

I need help with a problem at work – Who do I contact?

That depends on where you work. If you don’t have a local representative in your workplace or you’re not sure, give our membership department a call on 0300 600 1878 or email them. They can put you in touch with the best person to assist you. This may be your local representative, or one of our full-time officers.


I’d like to become more active in the union ­– how can I find out more?

Great news! Your first step should be to contact your local rep, or full-time official. You can also read more about how you can get involved on this webpage. 

I’m a Bectu rep

I need assistance handling a member query

No problem ­– Contact your full-time officer.

Not sure who this is? Call our membership department on 0300 600 1878

How can I access my eBranch?

eBranches can be accessed via the members area of the website; just make sure you’re logged in.

I want to start a campaign in my branch – who can help?

Sounds interesting! Have a chat to your local organiser, who can then help pull together the relevant resources needed from across the union if necessary. Not sure who your local organise is? Read more about our organising team or call our membership department on 0300 600 1878.

I want to attend a Bectu course, how do I find out more?

Take a look at our courses and apply online. Still not sure? Contact our Education Team for further assistance.

I’d like to run a Bectu course in my branch – is this possible?

Contact our Education team – they’re happy to help!

I’d like to host a Bectu recruitment event at work – Where do I start?

Your local organiser can help with that. Not sure who your local organise is? Read more about our organising team or call our membership department on 0300 600 1878.

Still have questions? Email our organising team

I’m someone else

How do I contact Bectu’s press team?

Contact Josie Emanuel for media enquiries.

I’d like to know about your pension schemes investments

Check out our staff pension scheme investment principles.

I have a query about the content on your website

Email our communications team.

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Call us on 0300 600 1878 or email us.