Member benefits

We’ll support you when you have a problem, but that’s not all we’re about. Bectu members get exclusive benefits across their work and leisure life.

We provide expert advice when you need it

Bectu is uniquely placed to assist with problems at work. In most areas we know the organisation you work for and the terms and conditions that apply to employees.

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We provide legal support

If Bectu members get unfairly made redundant, fired, or discriminated against, we’ll provide legal support and advice.

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We’ll support your career

Did you think unions were just there for when you’ve got a problem? We are here for that, but we also want to help you get on and develop in your career.

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We’ll save you money

Being a Bectu member doesn’t just benefit you in your work life – it’s also a great way of making savings outside of work, whether on your bills or leisure activities.

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We can negotiate your pay, terms and conditions

If we have enough members in one workplace, we’ll negotiate with the employer to get a better deal for everyone.

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