Bectu officials

Bectu’s organisers work with branches to help them recruit and organise in their workplace.

Organisers can:

  • provide training and development
  • help to plan and implement specific recruitment and organisation campaigns
  • give advice about the best way to overcome barriers to better organisation.

Most of our organisers work alongside our negotiating teams.

Bectu’s structure and divisions are set out below. A list of officials’ contact details is also below.

Arts & Entertainment, BBC and Independent Broadcasting Divisions

Enquirers to the team can also use this email address: a&[email protected].

London Production and Regional Production Divisions

Enquirers to the team can also use this email address: [email protected].

BT and Digital

Enquirers to the team can also use these email addresses: [email protected] and [email protected]

Until further notice, members of the BT and Digital division should continue to visit the Prospect website for industrial updates and membership information. 

Specialist officials

If you need assistance from a branch rep and have their contact details, do please contact them. If you have a query but are unsure who to address this to, you can send an email to our address and this will be directed, during office hours, to the correct person. Check here for our office addresses on our Contact us page.

* Part-time official