BBC: we must fiercely protect public service ethos

17 January 2022

Bectu, the largest union in the BBC, has defended the funding model of the BBC, as government has suggested that they want to end the licence fee.

Philippa Childs, Head of Bectu, said:

“The BBC is a revered institution that is both respected and envied worldwide, and an essential part of our national story. Over the last two years it has helped get us through the pandemic: helping parents homes school their children, entertaining us during those long lockdown nights and helping to keep us safe through its unrivalled network of local news coverage.

“Despite numerous attempts to undermine the licence fee, no-one has come up with a better funding model that would protect its unique local, national and international reach.

“Any suggestions that the BBC should be funded by subscription or advertising revenue are wide of the mark. The public service ethos of the BBC to inform, entertain and educate is something that we should fiercely protect and fund properly.”

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