Runners and new entrants

We aim to make being a new entrant in film and TV a better experience.

Those new to the industry, including runners and other junior grades, should receive the same treatment as higher grades, with working conditions free from bias, bullying and harassment, in workplaces that nurture career development and receiving rates of pay that support them around insecure and infrequent engagements.

To support freelancers and workers entering the industry as a runner or as a recent graduate, Bectu offers two membership subscription offers.

Bectu Runners join at a discounted rate of £8 per month for the first two years, and Bectu New Entrants join at a discounted rate of £5 per month for the first year. Join here.

Runners will work under specific departments in film and TV, for example as a runner for Assistant Directors, and so runners joining the union normally become part of their department-specific branch. (What are branches? | Bectu). Being in a relevant branch means you can make more of a difference and ensures you receive the right support if you need it. If you’re joining Bectu as a new entrant or a runner and you’re not sure which Branch you should be in, please contact Yann Allsopp [email protected]

Runners Rate Card

This rate card has been produced by Bectu in conjunction with the Runners Branch. It represents recommended minimum rates for those working as runners.

Health & Safety

The Creative Industries Safety Passport (CRISP) is IOSH accredited, is industry recognised and is a strong addition to your CV.  The course teaches what rights and obligations you have as an employee and those of your employers, including risk assessments, how to deal with lone working and how to make your work safer.

This course will get you a credit in the Runners/AD passport, once it is launched, and help get you to an AD post faster and with more confidence.

Runners Charter

The Runners Charter is a declaration of the general principles that BECTU Runners believe should be followed and are signed up to by the employer.  It is not legally binding, but companies that sign the Charter are showing they are committed to a set of employer standards. Runners can use the document to find out who are the best employers and choose their work accordingly.

Runners Charter (member only)

Eyes Wide Shut – Long Hours Report

Like many freelancers in film and TV, runners face long working hours. BECTU campaigns for productions to decrease hours to improve productivity, safety and work life balance in the film and TV industries. Please see Bectu’s report here: Eyes Half Shut | Bectu



Bullying and harassment | Bectu

Stress and mental health | Bectu

Dignity at Work | Bectu

“Working on an APA production? Check their full terms and pay rates here”

Recommended rates for crew working on commercials set by the APA

For more information about getting involved with Bectu as a Runner or as a New Entrant contact Yann Allsopp or call 020 7346 0900.