Recruit, retain, organise

As a union, it is crucial that we are always working to recruit new members and retain and organise the ones we have. Reps are at the forefront of this work.

Recruiting new members

Recruitment is vital. If Prospect doesn’t continually recruit new members it will not survive. Natural turnover, for example through retirement, means we have to recruit at every opportunity.

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How to retain members

It is just as important to retain existing members. To achieve this, it is vital to keep in constant contact with members.

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Organise in your workplace

You’ll notice that we often talk about recruitment and organisation in the same sentence. But what exactly does organising mean?

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Organising in your workplace: calendar of key dates and themes

One of the most important aspects of organising is identifying key issues that will activate members and engage potential members. We’ve put together a list of key dates and themes for Bectu reps and members to organise events around.

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