Ratecards: find out the rates for the work you do

With the exception of rates for our theatre members which are determined by the collective bargaining agreements with the Society of London Theatre (SOLT) and UK Theatre (formerly the Theatrical Management Association), the information here reflects the recommended going rates set by the relevant freelance branch(es), covering film and independent production, after consultation with members. Bectu also recommends minimum terms and conditions for all those not covered by an agreement.

Animation and VFX

The Animation and VFX branch’s Freelance  Rate Guidance for Film and TV is below.

Animation and VFX branch’s Freelance  Ratecard 2022

Art Department

The Art Department branch’s Salary guide and Terms and Conditions are below.

Art Department Ratecard 2021

Art Department: Branch Terms and Conditions (April 2015)

Assistant Directors

Below is the 2021 Rate Card for Assistant Directors working in Feature Film including projects working under the terms of the Major Motion Picture Agreement and independent TV Drama covered under the PACT-BECTU TV Drama Agreement.

Those working in Continuing Drama or Serials for the BBC should refer to the appropriate rate card on this page; similarly those working in the same area at ITV should refer to their rates documentation.

Those working in Commercials & Promos should follow the current APA Recommended Crew Terms dated November 1 2021 until such a time as it is amended. 

From 6th April onwards, the AD Branch asks that its members negotiate all contracts going forward to include no more than 30 minutes Prep and 30 minutes Wrap each working day and reflect this in their rate. If more is still asked for, this should be appropriately charged.

Assistant Directors’ Unified Ratecard 2021

ATG Concert Rates

The Bectu/ATG One Night Concert (or Rock and Roll) Rates are used on occasions where a promoter is bringing in a concert for one night only and it is agreed between Bectu and ATG that it is commercially more appropriate to use these rates, which only apply to non permanent, regularly employed or casual technical staff. All permanent technical staff always work to their own in house agreements which have been agreed between Bectu and ATG. Bectu crews must be given advance notice by the employer that a promoter is being allowed to use the one night concert rates and any queries or concerns about a promoter being allowed to use these rates must be raised with the venue Bectu steward as early as possible before the day of the concert.

Bectu/ATG Rock and Roll (Concert) Agreement 2018

BBC Drama: Continuing, Series & Serial

The BBC has an agreement with Bectu which covers the core interests of all freelancers working on BBC productions. The framework agreement was agreed in April 2010. These documents contain information on minimum rates, effective 1 April 2018, for Continuing Drama Series and Series and Serials.

BBC Freelance Rates: Series and Serials (1 April 2018)

BBC Freelance Rates: Continuing Drama Series (1 April 2018)

BBC Scotland freelance rates

These are the rates for freelancers and casuals engaged by BBC Scotland, effective 1 March 2022.

BBC Scotland Freelance/Casual Rates 2022


These ratecards cover film and TV drama and Factual and Outside Broadcast.

Find out more about the work the branch does at their website.

Camera Branch Ratecard Factual and Outside Broadcast 2022

Camera Branch Ratecard Film and TV Drama 2022

Construction (Major Features)

Pact/Bectu rates for Construction crew on Major Motion Pictures 2022 – 2023, As of 1 April 2022, the agreement shall also apply to a single piece of theatric-type content (i.e., not a series) intended for a global SVOD (Subscription Video On Demand) platform with a production budget equal to or in excess of £30,000,000.

Construction Crew Ratecard 2022-2023


These are the recommended rates of pay for freelancers in costume and wardrobe. The latest rates, published in March 2019, are based on information gathered from members across every level of the film industry. Rates are quoted for all grades – from costume designer through to costume PA – and are divided into film budget bands. Advice is also given on basic and ‘rolled’ up rates as they relate to holiday pay. Bectu recommends that freelancers accept no less than the figures quoted. An updated TV ratecard is being worked on.

Find out more about the work the branch does at their website.

Costume Professionals: Your Rights At Work booklet

Costume Film Rate Card April 2022

Costume TV Rate Card April 2022

FAA (Background Artistes)

The current FAA/Pact ratecard for background artistes came into force on 1 March 2017 and runs for three years from 1 March 2017 to 29 February 2020. The agreed set of rates covers the standard day and night call, the shift call, fees for supplementary performances and services and travel allowances.

These rates are for members only and you will need to login to access them. Members can also download the FAA Rates App .

Find out more information on joining Bectu.

FAA Rate Card 2022

FAA-PACT Rate Card 2021 with travel from 1st March

FAA-PACT Rate Card 2020-2022

FAA Agreement 2017


These are the latest ratecards for Grips in film and TV. The film ratecard applies to films with budgets £30m and above, under £30m and less than £10m. The rates for films with budgets £30m and above should be read in conjunction with the new agreement covering major motion pictures introduced on 2 April 2018.

Grips in TV Ratecard 2022

Grip Department Rates for Film 2022

Remote Head/ Crane Technician daily rates 2020

Hair & Make-Up

These are the ratecards for hair and make-up as of June 2019 in TV dramas and film. The ratecard for hair and make-up workers supporting the fashion industry (editorial, lookbooks, film, photography, promotion etc) is also below.

Hair and Makeup Branch Ratecard June 2019 – Film 

Hair and Makeup Branch Ratecard June 2019 – TV Dramas

Fashion Hair and Make-Up Ratecard

Independent Theatre Producers

Independent Theatre Council Bectu Independent Producers Collective Agreement


These are the recommended going rates for film and TV covering supervising location managers, location managers, assistant location managers, location scouts and location assistants, from micro-budgets to mid-budget productions.

Location Branch – Film Rates 2019

Location Branch – TV Rates 2019

Lighting Technicians

All our ratecard information for all Lighting Technicians (including on Commercials, Feature Films, TV Dramas and more) is available to view on this specialist page.

Post Production

These are the current editor’s ratecards in Feature Film, TV Drama, Factual and Entertainment, Short Form and Post-Sound.

Bectu’s Post Production and Facilities Branch is conducting a rates survey for editors working in feature films, factual TV and TV drama. The branch will use the findings of this survey to update the Bectu ratecards. Bectu wants the survey to become a rolling, continuing resource, so please do revisit the form and fill in your latest rates when starting a new job. Feel free to enter as many jobs as you can remember, going back up to 5 years. Please circulate the survey amongst your colleagues, and encourage anyone working in editorial to complete it. Please note: the survey is anonymous and you are not required to fill in the name of the production or production company, although please add in this information if you feel comfortable doing so.

Post Production & Facilities Branch – Film Ratecard 2022

Factual and Entertainment TV Editors Ratecard 2022

Post Production & Facilities Branch -TV Drama Ratecard 2022

Post Production & Facilities Branch – Short Form Film Ratecard 2022

Post Production & Facilities Branch – Post-Sound ratecard 2022


This is the Bectu Production branch minimum ratecard.

Production branch ratecard 2018


These are the recommend rates for Props. These documents also provide some guidance on working hours, overtime, prep/wrap of which more details can be found in either the tv or film agreement docs here.

Props Branch Ratecard 2021

Props Branch Ratecard – Modellers on Film 2021


These are Bectu’s recommended rates and terms and conditions for riggers. For a list of accredited riggers and scaffolders go here. You can find the Riggers JIGS rule book here and at the bottom of the page. The grading application form for Riggers is here.

Bectu Riggers Feature Film rate card 2021 

Bectu Commercials and dailies rate card April 1 2022

Bectu Riggers commercials and dailies rate card 2020

Bectu Riggers TV drama electrical rigging rate card 2020

Bectu Riggers TV drama construction rigging rate card 2020 


These are Bectu’s recommended rates for Runners. The document draws on the results of surveys and on the direct experience of members of the union’s Runners branch.

Runners Ratecard August 2021

Set Crafts (Carpenters and Scenic Painters)

These are the recommended rates for Carpenters and Scenic Painters working in TV Drama. For Major Motion Picture rates please see the Construction rate card.

Special Effects (SFX)

This is the February 2021 SFX Branch Ratecard. It covers workers doing physical and pyrotechnic special effects in Major Motion Pictures and TV Drama. It also includes guidance on rates/hours on a ‘Workshop Day’ and notes on the application of the BECTU agreements to SFX departments.

SFX Ratecard February 2021


This is the current ratecard for Production Sound as produced by the London Production Division Sound Branch. Published November 2021.

Bectu Production Sound Rates November 2021

Society of London Theatres

Bectu negotiates with the Society of London Theatre (SOLT) on rates of pay and conditions of service for theatre workers in London’s West End.

Below are the SOLT/Bectu rates effective 1 October 2017 until 1 October 2020 inclusive. The datasheet covers the pay increase of 3.5% for 2017-18, 3.5% for 2018- 2019 and 2.5% for 2019-2020.

This document is for members only and you will need to login to access them. Find out more information on joining Bectu.

SOLT Bectu Pay Agreement 2017-2020

UK Theatre/SOLT Opera and Ballet Touring Allowances (2019)

UK Theatre

The collective bargaining agreement between Bectu and UK Theatre covers most commercial theatres outside London.  Below are the minimum rates for staff. Please note that the subsistence allowance increased to £140.00 (with effect from 1 April 2017). Also below are the amended touring allowances for staff working on opera and ballet productions from 3 April 2017 and the latest UK Theatre/ Equity /Bectu rates for lighting designers, set and costume designers and resident designers for 2017 – 2018.

These documents are for members only and you will need to login to access them. Find out more information on joining Bectu.

UK Theatre/Bectu Rates 2020-2022

UK Theatre/SOLT Opera and Ballet Touring Allowances (2019)

UKT Equity BECTU Designers Rates – Lighting Designers – 2017-2018

UKT Equity BECTU Designers Rates – Set and Costume – 2017-2018

UKT Equity BECTU Designers Rates – Resident Designers – 2017-2018

Unscripted TV

This document, based on research undertaken by The Time Project and bench marked against survey responses from The Freelancer Task Force, outlines rates for those working in editorial and production roles in Unscripted TV.

The guidance below should be used by freelancers to negotiate rates of pay starting at the listed baseline rate and negotiating upward of that figure based on your experience and the demands of the role.

James Taylor, Chair of the UTVU , Statement on the Unscripted TV Rate Guidance

Unscripted TV Rate Guidance 2021

Writers, Producers, Directors

The Writers, Producers, Directors branch (WPD) rate card is the result of members engaging with the survey and the consultation. These are the rates we recommend you seek when negotiating your salary. The WPD committee hopes that this rate card will make pay fairer so please do not undercut these rates. A range of rates in each job role has been provided to reflect different levels of experience.  A reminder that these are recommended rates for all genres EXCEPT TV drama and comedy.

WPD Recommended Rates – August 2019

Production Accountants

This is the current Bectu Production Accountants Branch minimum ratecard.

Production Accounts Department TV Drama Ratecard

Unit Drivers

This is the Bectu Production Transport branch minimum rates for Unit Drivers that work in Film and TV (Effective from 1stJanuary 2021).

Unit Drivers Ratecard