How to be an effective Public Speaker/Getting ready for conference 

This course is designed to help you improve your public speaking abilities, from preparing a structured speech, to learning to better engage with an audience.

Cartoon of suited female speaker giving talk in front of group of professionals

Online and in person
3 times a year
12 March (Public speaking only)
16 April (full course)
10-12 noon Public Speaking
2-4.30pm Getting Ready for Conference
Venue tbc
Level 2
Open to members as a vocational course
Book via your organiser


Who is the course for?

Any member or Rep wishing to hone their speech skills in front of an audience and preparing for what to expect at conference.

What will I learn?

Public Speaking course content

  • Understanding the principles around public speaking
  • Preparing a structured speech
  • How to engage with an audience
  • Improvisation skills

Getting ready for conference course content

  • Understanding points of order in conference
  • Making an impact with a motion
  • Building on confidence
  • All elements of the above public speaking course

How can I register?

Please contact your organiser to reserve your place.

What attendees say

“Thank you very much great course.”
– Christine Danniell, BT 

“I really enjoyed being focussed on the topic, the skills practice and the learning together with other reps.”
– Anon