Bectu’s Womens Equality Committee

The Bectu Womens Equality Committee comprises of elected representatives from across Bectu’s industrial divisions.

The divisions represented are…

Regional Production Division
London Production Division
BBC Division
Arts and Entertainment Division
Independent Broadcasting Division
Communications and Digital Division

More information on divisions can be found at

As well as being part of one of these divisions, you’ll also be part of a branch. Multiple branches make up the divisions. More information about branches can be found at

Current Campaign Focuses

  • Stopping sexual harassment in the workplace
  • Reducing unconscious bias
  • Increasing awareness of Menopause at work
  • Bectu Womens Mentoring Scheme
  • Supporting topical and current campaigns where possible

How to get more involved?

Currently all seats on the WEC are filled by active members of the represented divisions, but we still want you to get active too and help us with our campaigns!

The first step to getting more involved in your union, is attending your next branch meeting.

*Not sure what branch/division you’re in, contact BECTU HQ for more info, and ask for details about your next branch meeting.

We are actively trying to promote more diversity within branch meetings, so we really look forward hearing about you getting more involved locally.

You can also get more involved and become a branch rep! More info on that can be found here

There are also opportunities to get involved at different levels of the union, to find out more about the union structure, check out our “Who’s Who” page –

Useful Links to Online Learning Tools

TUC’s ENotes –

UnionLearn –

TUC – 

FutureLearn –

ACAS Online Learning –

Further Reading and Gender Reports 

Prospect Links –

Prospect Recruit, Retain, Organise –

TUC’s Gender policies and reports –

TUC Wales’ Menopause at work Toolkit –

BECTU’s Womens Health and Safety Policy –

The British Entertainment History Project –

Also, if you use facebook we have a women’s group where you can connect with other BECTU women and talk all things diversity/women in the workplace or related union stuff – let us know the email address you use for facebook and we’ll send you an invite. For more information contact [email protected] or [email protected]

We also have a Women’s Health and Safety Policy, which you can access here.