Art Technicians branch

The Bectu Art Technicians branch is for new and experienced art handlers, art technicians, fabricators and studio assistants seeking guidance, support and protection.

Our aim is to organise and achieve recognition for the value of our work and the importance of our safety at work. We aim to develop a collective body with the ability to influence our industry and to create a better experience of working with galleries, museums, art handling companies and artists studios.

An advice booklet on what to look out for regarding health and safety and hazards at work for art technicians can be downloaded here.

Being a member of a trade union is completely confidential; your employer will never know you are a member of Bectu unless you tell them.

PLI and legal advice

Bectu can provide both full time and freelance members with access to services including:

  • Free legal advice and assistance covering employment matters, personal injury and contract advice.
  • Access to low cost public liability insurance providing coverage up to £10 million.

Find out more about Bectu’s PLI offer here.

Join us and join in

Bectu can only provide representation to its members. To join go here or call 0207 346 0900. The standard introductory subscription for new members is £10 a month or a £120 for the first year.

For more information about getting involved with the Art Technicians branch email [email protected] or click here to go the Art Technicians branch website.