What’s in Bectu’s public liability insurance plan?

Last updated: 28 Apr 2021

The two-in-one plan provides public liability cover of up to £10 million as well as personal accident cover of £100 a week.

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The policy:

  • Includes provision for claims up to £25,000 in respect of goods in the member’s custody and control (up to a maximum total of £100,000).
  • Personal accident cover of £100 per week for up to 52 weeks where injury forces a member aged under 70 to stop working (excluding the first fortnight) and a £20,000 lump-sum payment in the event of specified serious injury or death for a member aged up to 70, and reduced lump sum payments for members aged 70 to under 75 and 75 to under 80.

It costs £40 per year for Bectu members, and covers the individual member, a Ltd company where the member is the sole employee, and a formal partnership where the partner is also a Bectu member who subscribes to the insurance from the 1st May 2021.

You can find full details of the plan here and a summary here.

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