Why we are changing: brand matters

Mike Clancy · 4 September 2019

Why we are changing: brand matters

We are rolling out a new brand for Prospect and our Bectu sector over the coming weeks. The new brand includes new logos, colours and fonts and different ways of talking about the work that we do (see here). Our Communications team led by Andrew Pakes our Director of Communications and Research, have been driving this major project over the last year or so.

The starting point for the project was simple. This is about doing our job better. Brand can be insubstantial messaging or it can really reflect what an organisation is all about. We need the tools to get across our values and work to new people. The new brand is part of that. Nearly three years on from Prospect’s merger with creative industries union Bectu, we want to create a shared family feel across our work, whilst projecting both

In early September we will start rolling out our new brand. Lots of work has happened already. The focus groups with potential members revealed a lot about the language we use to describe things and the expectations new members have.

Mike Clancy is the general secretary of Prospect Union.