Welsh production companies encouraged to take part in WellBeing Facilitator pilot to improve mental health in film and TV

2 August 2022

For Welsh translation, please see below.

Film and TV production companies in Wales are being offered a unique opportunity to place a freelance WellBeing Facilitator on their productions, as part of a new pilot that seeks to combat poor mental health in the industry.

The pilot programme is a partnership between Bectu, through its joint union learning programme CULT Cymru, and mental health and wellbeing specialists 6ft from the Spotlight. The programme is being managed by Bectu and is supported by the Welsh Government via Creative Wales and the Wales Union Learning Fund

The pilot is open to all film and TV productions in Wales, including small, local production companies working on unscripted programmes, who can now apply for a grant of up to £15,000 to engage a wellbeing facilitator.

This support is timely as the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic continue to create challenges for productions including last minute changes due to workers contracting Covid and having to isolate.

WellBeing Facilitators collaborate with producers and heads of department to prevent stress and mental health issues, so they can meet their legal duty of care to their workers. In parallel, they support to create a healthy, engaging and inclusive environment for all. They can also assist with managing bullying, harassment and discrimination and actively support the workforce with their own mental health, resilience, and wellbeing. Find out more about wellbeing facilitators here.

Poor mental health continues to plague the creative industries, due to an ingrained culture of long hours, low pay and poor terms and conditions. This has only been exacerbated by the pandemic, leaving creative workers across the UK feeling devalued and dissatisfied.

Recent research from both the Film and TV Charity and Bectu identified that:

  • 87% of respondents had presented with a mental health problem
  • 55% of respondents had considered taking their own lives
  • 93% had experienced or witnessed bullying
  • 68% had considered leaving the industry

An Advisory Group that includes Bectu and sister union Equity, broadcasters, independent production companies, Creative Wales, Ffilm Cymru and Cardiff University has been established to drive forward the pilot. Bectu hopes that recruiting WellBeing Facilitators to productions will be an important step towards a more inclusive screen sector, that supports the mental welfare of its workers.

Information for production companies:

The application process is very straightforward and based on a first come, first served basis dependent on availability of a suitable WellBeing Facilitator.  See information here or contact Rhian Jones, WellBeing Facilitator Co-ordinator on [email protected]

Interview opportunities:

For further information and to identify someone to talk about the role on TV or radio in Welsh or English please contact Rhian Jones, WellBeing Facilitator Co-ordinator – [email protected]; 07919626716

Siân Gale from Bectu/CULT Cymru said: “Our aim is to work collaboratively to develop a screen sector fit for the 21st century that is inclusive, fair and innovative. This role seems like an ideal vehicle to radically change the culture of the screen industry so that Wales becomes a destination of choice for film and TV production due to its fair, safe and supportive working practices.”

Michelle White from 6ft from the Spotlight said: “We are delighted to be working on this project with the creative unions and the industry and we are excited to send our incredible WellBeing Facilitators out to productions to support crew and cast on the ground and to continue honing the role in collaboration with the sector.”

Deputy Minister for Arts and Sport, Dawn Bowden, said: “Wales boasts a rapidly growing film and television sector, with a workforce recognised for its skill and talent. We want to ensure a sustainable, inclusive, and diverse industry here in Wales, with more people choosing to start a career and staying in the sector long-term.

“We know the last few years have been tough. That’s why the Welsh Government is prioritising investment in early intervention services that take a preventative approach to mental health and well-being. So I’m pleased the Welsh Government is supporting the establishment of the WellBeing Facilitator Cymru Pilot through funding from Creative Wales and our Wales Union Learning Fund. This will seek to support the mental health and well-being of the sector’s workforce, ensuring they have the support they need, when they need it.”

Welsh actor Michael Sheen said: “I’m very happy to support the work of 6ft from the Spotlight, and heartened by their collaboration with Bectu / CULT Cymru. Working together we can take better care of our crews and cast and support our industry to create a positive working culture where everyone feels included and can thrive.”

Welsh Producers Association TAC said:  TAC is delighted to have had the opportunity to support this scheme and to be a member of the advisory board in developing the WellBeing Facilitators Wales role.  TAC held a session for its members with CULT Cymru and 6ft from the Spotlight to present information on this important scheme and how it can benefit production companies to support all individuals involved in production.  The enthusiasm from TAC members to know more about the role of the WellBeing Facilitator and the support available was evident.  We will continue to encourage TAC members to sign up to the scheme to ensure a safe and fair working environment for all.

David Evans, General Manager, Cwmni Da said: “Historically within the industry mental health issues have been regarded as part of the job, the long unsociable hours, and rumours of misbehaviour where often brushed aside with “suck it up and move on”. Things have started to change, and with the introduction of this programme the future looks far better. The idea that companies can either have a WellBeing Facilitator on site or at least at the end of the phone to offer advice is a massive step forward. I don’t know of anyone or any company that cannot benefit from having this support available to them.”

Theo Barrowclough, Producer, Scrapper, said: “Having a WellBeing Facilitator for Scrapper proved to be a major coup. We were blessed with a brilliant crew, but even in those cases, every production needs to constantly hold itself up to being an inclusive and safe place to ply your craft. The WellBeing Facilitator’s presence on set as someone the crew knew they could seek out, speak to confidentially and resolve issues with, made a big difference to me as a producer.”

Locations Manager and Bectu member Kay Wilson, who is one of the WellBeing Facilitators trained as part of the pilot, said: “I’m really looking forward to being placed on my first production as a WellBeing Facilitator. The hours and expectations placed on crew can be twice as much as those in other industries and once burnt out, easy to replace. I am extremely happy to be part of a movement towards the provision of crew welfare”.

Equity member Gwenno Dafydd, who has trained as a WellBeing Facilitator, said: “I’ve been the victim of sexual harassment on set.  I saw things, especially when I was in my 20s, that you didn’t challenge because it was easy to be blacklisted. I want to be part of the solution that puts a stop to this unacceptable behaviour that can have a devastating effect on people’s mental health”.

Welsh Translation:

Anogir cwmnïau cynhyrchu o Gymru i gymryd rhan mewn cynllun peilot Hwylusydd Lles i wella iechyd meddwl mewn ffilm a theledu

Mae cwmnïau cynhyrchu ffilm a theledu yng Nghymru gallu manteisio ar y cyfle unigryw i osod Hwylusydd Lles llawrydd ar eu cynyrchiadau.  Mae hyn yn rhan o gynllun peilot newydd sy’n ceisio brwydro yn erbyn iechyd meddwl gwael yn y diwydiant.

Mae’r rhaglen beilot yn bartneriaeth rhwng undeb Bectu, trwy ei raglen ddysgu aml-undeb CULT Cymru ac arbenigwyr iechyd meddwl a lles 6ft from the Spotlight. Mae’r rhaglen yn cael ei rheoli gan Bectu ac yn cael ei chefnogi gan Lywodraeth Cymru drwy Cymru Greadigol a Chronfa Ddysgu Undebau Cymru

Mae’r peilot yn agored i bob cynhyrchiad ffilm a theledu yng Nghymru, gan gynnwys cwmnïau cynhyrchu bach, lleol sy’n gweithio ar raglenni heb eu sgriptio, a all nawr wneud cais am grant o hyd at £15,000 i gyflogi Hwylusydd Lles.

Mae’r cymorth hwn yn amserol wrth i effeithiau’r pandemig Covid-19 barhau i greu heriau i gynyrchiadau gan gynnwys newidiadau munud olaf oherwydd gweithwyr yn dal Covid-19 ac yn gorfod ynysu.

Mae Hwyluswyr Lles yn cydweithio â chynhyrchwyr a phenaethiaid adran i’w cynorthwyo i atal straen a problemau iechyd meddwl fel y gallant gyflawni eu dyletswyddau gofal cyfreithiol i’w gweithwyr.  Ar yr un pryd maent yn helpu i greu amgylchedd iach, deniadol a chynhywsol i bawb. Gallant hefyd helpu i reoli bwlio, aflonyddu a gwahaniaethu a rhoi cymorth gweithredol i’r gweithlu gyda’u hiechyd meddwl, eu gwydnwch a’u lles eu hunain.

Mae iechyd meddwl gwael yn parhau i fod yn bla ar y diwydiannau creadigol, oherwydd diwylliant o oriau hir, cyflogau isel a thelerau ac amodau gwael. Mae hyn wedi gwaethygu, gan adael gweithwyr creadigol ledled y DU yn teimlo’n ddiwerth ac yn anfodlon.

Nododd ymchwil diweddar gan yr Elusen Ffilm a Theledu a Bectu:

  • Roedd 87% o’r ymatebwyr wedi cyflwyno problem iechyd meddwl
    ● Roedd 55% o’r ymatebwyr wedi ystyried lladd eu hunain
    ● Roedd 93% wedi profi neu weld bwlio
    ● Roedd 68% wedi ystyried gadael y diwydiant

Mae Grŵp Cynghori sy’n cynnwys Bectu,  undeb Equity, darlledwyr, cwmnïau cynhyrchu annibynnol, Cymru Greadigol, Ffilm Cymru a Phrifysgol Caerdydd wedi’i sefydlu i yrru’r peilot yn ei flaen. Mae Bectu yn gobeithio y bydd recriwtio Hwyluswyr Lles i gynyrchiadau yn gam pwysig tuag at sector sgrin mwy cynhwysol, sy’n cefnogi lles meddyliol ei weithwyr.

Ewch i wefan Bectu yma os hoffech fersiwn Saesneg o’r datganiad hwn i’r wasg.

Gwybodaeth i gwmnïau cynhyrchu:

Mae’r broses ymgeisio yn syml iawn ac yn seiliedig ar sail y cyntaf i’r felin yn dibynnu ar argaeledd Hwylusydd Lles addas. Gweler y wybodaeth yma neu cysylltwch â Rhian Jones, Cydlynydd Hwyluswyr Lles ar [email protected]

Cyfleoedd cyfweliad:

Am ragor o wybodaeth ac i adnabod rhywun i siarad am y rôl ar y teledu neu’r radio yn Gymraeg neu Saesneg, cysylltwch â:

Rhian Jones, Cydlynydd Hwyluswyr Lles – [email protected]


Dywedodd Siân Gale o Bectu/CULT Cymru: “Ein nod yw gweithio ar y cyd i ddatblygu sector sgrin sy’n addas ar gyfer yr 21ain ganrif sy’n gynhwysol, yn deg ac yn arloesol. Roedd y rôl hon i’w gweld yn gyfrwng delfrydol i newid diwylliant y diwydiant sgrin yn radical fel bod Cymru’n dod yn gyrchfan o ddewis ar gyfer cynyrchiadau ffilm a theledu oherwydd ei harferion gwaith teg, diogel a chefnogol.”

Dywedodd Michelle White o 6ft from the Spotlight: “Rydym yn falch iawn o fod yn gweithio ar y prosiect hwn gyda’r undebau creadigol a’r diwydiant ac rydym yn gyffrous i anfon ein Hwyluswyr Lles anhygoel allan i gynyrchiadau i gefnogi criw a chast ar lawr gwlad ac i barhau datblygu’r rôl mewn cydweithrediad â’r sector.”

Dywedodd Dawn Bowden, y Dirprwy Weinidog dros y Celfyddydau a Chwaraeon: “Mae gan Gymru sector ffilm a theledu sy’n tyfu’n gyflym, gyda gweithlu sy’n cael ei gydnabod am ei sgil a’i dalent. Rydym am sicrhau diwydiant cynaliadwy, cynhwysol ac amrywiol yma yng Nghymru, gyda mwy o bobl yn dewis dechrau gyrfa ac aros yn y sector yn y tymor hir.

“Rydyn ni’n gwybod bod yr ychydig flynyddoedd diwethaf wedi bod yn anodd. Dyna pam mae Llywodraeth Cymru yn blaenoriaethu buddsoddiad mewn gwasanaethau ymyrraeth gynnar sy’n defnyddio dull ataliol o ymdrin ag iechyd meddwl a llesiant. Felly rwy’n falch bod Llywodraeth Cymru yn cefnogi sefydlu Cynllun Peilot Hwylusydd Lles Cymru drwy gyllid gan Cymru Greadigol a Chronfa Ddysgu Undebau Cymru. Bydd hyn yn ceisio cefnogi iechyd meddwl a llesiant gweithlu’r sector, gan sicrhau bod ganddynt y cymorth sydd ei angen arnynt, pan fydd ei angen arnynt.

Dywedodd yr actor o Gymru, Michael Sheen: “Rwy’n hapus iawn i gefnogi gwaith 6ft from the Spotlight, ac wedi fy nghalonogi gan eu cydweithrediad â Bectu / CULT Cymru. Drwy weithio gyda’n gilydd, gallwn gymryd gwell gofal o’n criwiau a’n perfformwyr a chefnogi ein diwydiant i greu diwylliant gweithio cadarnhaol lle mae pawb yn teimlo’n gynwysedig ac yn gallu ffynnu.”

Dywedodd Teledwyr Annibynnol Cymru TAC: Mae TAC yn falch iawn o fod wedi cael y cyfle i gefnogi’r cynllun hwn, a bod yn aelod o’r bwrdd cynghori wrth ddatblygu rôl Hwyluswyr Lles Cymru.  Cynhaliodd TAC sesiwn i’w haelodau gyda CULT Cymrua 6ft from the Spotlight i gyflwyno gwybodaeth am y cynllun pwysig hwn a sut y gall fod o fudd i gwmnïau cynhyrchu gefnogi pob unigolyn sy’n ymwneud â chynhyrchu.  Roedd brwdfrydedd aelodau TAC i wybod mwy am rôl yr Hwylusydd Lles a’r gefnogaeth oedd ar gael yn amlwg.  Byddwn yn parhau i annog aelodau TAC i ymrwymo yn y cynllun i sicrhau amgylchedd gwaith diogel a theg i bawb.

Dywedodd David Evans, Rheolwr Cyffredinol, Cwmni Da: “Yn hanesyddol o fewn y diwydiant mae materion iechyd meddwl wedi cael eu hystyried fel rhan o’r swydd, yr oriau anghymdeithasol hir, a sibrydion o gamymddwyn yn aml yn cael eu rhoi o’r neilltu gyda “suck it up and move on”. Mae pethau wedi dechrau newid, a gyda chyflwyniad y rhaglen hon mae’r dyfodol yn edrych yn llawer gwell.Mae’r syniad y gall cwmnïau naill ai gael Hwylusydd Lles ar y safle neu o leiaf ar ddiwedd y ffôn i gynnig cyngor yn gam enfawr ymlaen. Ddim yn gwybod am unrhyw un nac unrhyw gwmni na all elwa o gael y cymorth hwn ar gael iddynt.”

Dywedodd Theo Barrowclough, Cynhyrchydd, Scrapper: “Roedd cael Hwylusydd Lles ar gyfer Scrapper yn dipyn o gamp. Cawsom ein bendithio â chriw gwych, ond hyd yn oed yn yr achosion hynny, mae angen i bob cynhyrchiad ddal ei hun yn gyson i fod yn lle cynhwysol a diogel i roi eich crefft. Roedd presenoldeb yr Hwylusydd Lles ar y set fel rhywun roedd y criw yn ei adnabod y gallent chwilio amdano, siarad yn gyfrinachol a datrys problemau gyda nhw, wedi gwneud gwahaniaeth mawr i mi fel cynhyrchydd.”

Dywedodd y Rheolwr Lleoliadau ac aelod o Bectu, Kay Wilson, sy’n un o’r Hwyluswyr Lles a hyfforddwyd fel rhan o’r peilot: “Rwy’n edrych ymlaen yn fawr iawn at gael fy ngosod ar fy nghynhyrchiad cyntaf fel Hwylusydd Lles. Gall yr oriau a’r disgwyliadau a roddir ar y criw fod ddwywaith cymaint â’r rhai mewn diwydiannau eraill ac unwaith y byddant wedi’u llosgi allan, mae’n hawdd eu disodli. Rwy’n hynod hapus i fod yn rhan o symudiad tuag at ddarparu lles criw”.

Dywedodd Gwenno Dafydd aelod o Equity sydd wedi ei hyfforddi fel Hwylusydd Lles: “Rwyf wedi dioddef aflonyddu rhywiol ar y set. Gwelais bethau, yn enwedig pan oeddwn yn fy 20au, na wnaethoch chi eu herio oherwydd ei bod yn hawdd bod ar y rhestr ddu. Rwyf am fod yn rhan o’r ateb sy’n rhoi terfyn ar yr ymddygiad annerbyniol hwn a all gael effaith ddinistriol ar iechyd meddwl pobl”.