#UnseenOnScreen: testimonials 7 and 8

18 November 2021

As part of Anti-Bullying week, we are sharing anonymous testimonials from workers in the TV and film industry. Collected by our Unscripted branch as part of their #UnseenOnScreen campaign, the testimonials allow us an insight into the harsh realities of working in the film and TV industry, and just how common bullying and harassment in the workplace really is.

Account 7
“I was working as a runner and whilst on production, the hire car broke down so I was forced to get a taxi to the location. When I rang the PA to let her know I was getting a taxi, I politely asked if I would be reimbursed. The production manager then came on the line and told me not to ask stupid questions and that there would be a time and a place to ask questions. I was then told that I had an attitude problem and I should be lucky to have the job to begin with and to not expect any work with them in the future. Consequently, I wasn’t paid from this job until 11 weeks after the week of work.”

Account Eight
“I worked on a studio show in April/May I always felt I wasn’t really valued! I tried to talk to people but it’s like they felt I wasn’t worthy of being talked to! When people came to me all they did was order me around, and I guess that’s part of the job, but I didn’t really feel part of the crew. I felt really low and I didn’t even want to go back after the first day. The camera department in particular, it’s what I want to get into, but seeing the department like it was on the show it made me not even want to get into camera, and I was ready to just give up. They ignored me, they acted rude as well, and I don’t think it was a coincidence that they were all middle-aged white men (I’m a young woman).  But on my next job I met some really awesome camera people (young, diverse and both sexes) and my faith has been restored in them, and thankfully I still want to get into the department.”