UK is crying out for a proper plan for jobs and growth – nothing in the Budget suggests that plan exists

6 March 2024

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has revealed the UK Budget which includes a 2p cut in National Insurance Contributions.

Departmental spending will continue to rise overall by 1% a year in real terms but once you take out protected spending like the NHS this means significant real terms cuts for many services.

Mike Clancy, General Secretary of Prospect, said:

“The Government has a responsibility to get the balance right between levels of tax and spend.

“The current balance is clearly wrong, and the majority of the public would rather see increased spending to revive our flagging public services rather than tax cuts and real terms cuts to services we can ill-afford.

“It seems the Government is intent on playing cynical games and making unsustainable decisions in an attempt to prevent a wipe out at the next election.

“Whilst they are taking a more reasonable approach to business investment, this does little to make up for the inexplicable lack of a coherent industrial strategy.

“The country is crying out for a proper plan for growth that will deliver quality jobs, and ease the transition to a low carbon economy. Nothing in this budget suggests that plan exists.”