The Budget must make COVID-19 provision for Britain’s freelancers and self-employed

10 March 2020

As the the response to the risk from COVID-19 escalates, many freelancers and other self-employed remain at risk of financial hardship from following the official advice.

This is because they are not eligible for sick pay like most workers, and while some are insured against this kind of thing, many insurers are not paying out for self-isolation, only if the person is actually ill.

Mike Clancy, General Secretary of Prospect, said:

“Several weeks into the crisis, despite reassuring words, the government has still not brought forward any firm measures to help freelancers and other self-employed people not covered by sick pay or insurance.

“The timing is now critical. The Chancellor has one shot to get this right and so he must correct this shocking omission in tomorrow’s budget.

“Former Chancellor George Osborne suggested a direct grant scheme may be the quickest and most straightforward way of delivering this support – and we agree. This would avoid both putting further strain on Universal Credit and the associated five-week wait for payment.”

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