Support the Trussell Trust and War Child this Christmas

Honour Bayes · 1 December 2021

Graphic of the Prospect, War Child and the Trussell Trust logos and a Christmas treeAs 2021 draws to a close and the season of giving arrives, we’re asking members to once again help change lives.

Last year, Prospect members made an enormous difference to the lives of hundreds of people at home and abroad by raising over £13,000 for our charity partners the Trussell Trust and War Child.

This year we’re celebrating every act of giving, however small, because to coin a very famous supermarket: Every Little Helps.

The donations from the 2020 Christmas campaign helped our partners carry out vital, life-saving work in a time which has been tough on everyone but brutal for some. In the campaign this year, we again ask our members to show that the spirit of solidarity is not just a workplace cause, but a societal one.

Help children facing a freezing winter Donate to War Child

We are also encouraging members to donate their Member Recruit Member vouchers to our charity partners.

£10 will help the Trussell Trust deliver compassionate and practical support to people in crisis, with six emergency food parcels needed every minute during winter. For that money, War Child could feed 12 children, provide textbooks for three children in school or drive a vulnerable child from the border back to their home.


Keep a family from facing an impossible decision between food and heat Donate to Trussell Trust

We’re so proud of all the work our members have been doing to support colleagues as we continue to navigate a world changed forever by Covid. Charitable giving has always been a strength of trade unions, and we’re proud to be able to continue that.

This Christmas we’re asking that we continue to help each other in whatever way we can, because when we come together we can make a real difference in the world. Any contribution, however small, will enable our charity partners to reach and save more lives.

Honour Bayes is Prospect’s Digital Projects Officer