Screen industries taking steps on bullying and harassment

17 March 2021

BFI and BAFTA have today issued a new action list to help employers meet the guidance and principles agreed with Bectu in 2018.

The new action list, which you can download here, includes Bectu’s recommendation for all productions to have a minimum of one, but ideally two, ‘designated individuals’ who can take reports of bullying and harassment. In the coming months, we will be working with BFI and BAFTA to further develop this proposal and draw up a template of responsibilities for productions to adopt.

Previously, Bectu has worked in partnership with BFI and BAFTA on a Dignity at Work Policy, which provides a template for companies, productions and festivals to complement the Guidance and Principles to tackle workplace bullying and harassment.

A recent Bectu, Bournemouth University and Viva La PD survey of TV freelancers found that 93% had witnessed or experienced bullying and harassment at work. We know that freelancers are particularly vulnerable and can find that their options are limited when faced with an issue at work.

Culture change is needed and we strongly recommend that all production companies adopt the Dignity at Work Policy as a bare minimum for tackling bullying and harassment in the industry.

Philippa Childs, head of Bectu, said:

“Bectu has worked with BFI and BAFTA over many years to develop practical solutions to tackle bullying and harassment in the workplace. The guidance being re-issued today includes a simple template policy to help employers deliver on their legal responsibilities to all workers on-set.

“We want to see employers deliver more for their workers than the legal bare minimum, which is why we are pleased that the guidance also includes Bectu’s recommendation that all productions have a designated individual who can take reports of bullying and harassment.

“We will be working with BFI, BAFTA and ScreenSkills to draw up a template of responsibilities for this role.  The industry quickly came together to agree COVID supervisor roles last year, and we hope to be met with a similar can-do attitude to tackling bullying and harassment.”