Overall wellbeing of crew must be considered as TV productions return to work, says Bectu

18 May 2020

Guidance for UK TV productions and how they can return to work have been published.

Silhouette of a TV Camera filming a live broadcast

Silhouette of a TV Camera filming a live broadcast

The guidance covers: specifically considering people at higher risk of harm, heightened precautions for everyone at work, reducing the number of people involved, considering editorial ‘on camera’ requirements, considering mental health and wellbeing and creating a feedback loop.

Bectu members working across factual TV, light entertainment and continuing dramas such as Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Hollyoaks and EastEnders will be affected this guidance.

Head of Bectu Philippa Childs said: “These high-level guidelines will provide freelancers who are desperate to return to work, but have concerns about their health and wellbeing some reassurance that the industry is working together to achieve a balanced approach.

“Bectu is working across many fronts to ensure that people are able to return to work as safely as possible. The TV Production Guidance is clearly a framework and the detail of how each production operates will be absolutely crucial.

“Bectu is committed to ensuring that careful attention is paid to the overall wellbeing of crew, not just the COVID-19 risk. As working patterns change and adapt broadcasters and indies must be mindful of the potential of longer working hours and additional mental pressure on the people involved in the production, which we highlighted in the discussions for these guidelines.”

You can read the summary guidance for UK TV productions here and the full guidance here.