Organising Award winners honoured at National Conference 2022

13 June 2022

Our union is nothing without our members and without the efforts of reps and others who recruit into the union and work so hard to get us recognition in new workplaces.

Award winning reps standing by the stage holding certificates

Award winners with Prospect President Ele Wade

Union organisers are often our unsung heroes, so it is with great pleasure that we are able to recognise them at national conference with our organising awards.

Ele Wade, Prospect President, said:

“If we could we would recognise everyone who organises on Prospect’s behalf, without whom the union would literally be nothing. We will have to make do however with recognising the considerable achievements of a few stand-out members and branches but others should know that this represents our thanks to all our reps and members.

“It has been a hard couple of years with a lot of challenges for the labour movement, particularly when it comes to organising and I am so proud with the advances and the innovations we have implemented to operate in a post-covid world.”

The full list of winners is as follows

Branch Award – Joint Winners

National Trust

Babcock Marine and Technology (Clyde)

Young Workers Award

Haydn Bradley Davies (Welsh Government)

Individual Award

Winner – Jo Lines (Ordinance Survey)

GS Special Commendation – Ben Caile (UK Hydrographic Office) –

GS Special Commendation – Charlotte Sewell (LPD Costume and Wardrobe Branch)

Case handling Awards

Supporting and Assisting Members – Winner– Maggie Gill (APHA)

Case Handling – Joint Winners – Oliver Williams (CEFAS)

John Wallace (Air Traffic Control Branch)

Equalities Award – Branch Award

Winner – Bectu Women’s Committee – Nana St Bartholomew Brown Morgan, Jackie Cassidy and Carolyn Spence

Equalities Individual Award – Joint Winners

Debbie Gosman (Natural England)

Kristina Mandy & Demitra Procopiou (National Gallery)