New BBC guidelines causing confusion and distress

30 October 2020

Bectu is calling on the BBC to meet with unions for urgent discussions on what their new guidelines mean for staff and freelancers working at the BBC

Head of Bectu, Philippa Childs, said:

“Bectu has asked the BBC for an urgent meeting to discuss the intentions behind its new guidelines. We are frankly dismayed that unions were not properly consulted prior to the publication of such an important document.

“There is a huge amount of confusion and conjecture regarding what the guidelines mean and this is causing much distress amongst the Bectu membership and the workforce more generally.

“The suggestion that the application of the policy could be left to Manager’s discretion has left some of our members fearful that they will no longer be able to attend events that are important to their identity without fear of repercussions at work. Whilst Bectu understands and supports the fundamental principle that the BBC should be politically impartial, we believe that any restrictions on staff and freelancers working at the BBC must be proportionate and should not impinge upon their freedom of expression on matters of equality.”