NEP UK to dump sole traders

20 November 2019


Bectu is urgently seeking talks with NEP UK, following a letter from the company to all its regular freelancers saying that as from January 1 next year it will only engage freelancers working through limited companies.

NEP UK has given no reason for the change, and negotiations executive Sean Kelly of Bectu’s Outside Broadcast Network and Bectu’s freelance and research officer Tony Lennon, are seeking urgently to meet the company.

Kelly says:

“Freelance members have worked as sole traders in Outside Broadcasts for many years, and this wholly unnecessary change will cost them a lot of money. NEP UK is a major OB company bringing a host of fantastic live events to our screens every year, with the help of an army of freelancers, and the last thing those dedicated workers need is a reduction in take home pay and a huge increase in admin.

“We are asking NEP urgently to meet with us to discuss this threat to many of our members’ livelihoods.”

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