Members vote to accept temporary provisions to the UK Theatres Bectu agreement

28 January 2021

Bectu members have voted overwhelmingly to accept temporary variations to the UK Theatres (UKT) Bectu agreement in a ballot held earlier this month. The revised agreement has come into effect as of 18 January.

Bectu was keen to stress in conversations with UKT that our members have only voted to accept these temporary provisions as a stopgap in this extraordinarily difficult time for the theatre industry. Our members are not necessarily pleased with these current changes and we clearly indicated that acceptance of these provisions now is not an acceptance of permanent changes to the agreement.

Members voted 92.5% in favour of accepting the temporary provisions in a ballot that closed on the 15th of January. Bectu representatives had earlier this month recommended members accept following lengthy negotiations with UKT.

You can read the details of the accepted variations here