Immigration rules will make Britain smaller, poorer and less successful

19 February 2020

The government has announced it is to introduce a new points-based immigration system, with no visas for low-skilled workers or people who don’t speak English.

Responding to the government’s new immigration policy, Sue Ferns, Prospect ‘s senior deputy general secretary, said:

“It’s disappointing that the government has chosen to continue to pursue this dogmatic approach to immigration instead of listening properly to the needs of workers and business.

“Salary thresholds are the wrong way to get the kind of immigration our economy needs. The reduction in the Tier 1 salary threshold and special recognition for STEM are a welcome start but many essential skilled roles like laboratory and pharmaceuticals technicians will still not meet the level required.

“Unions and business groups are united on this and the government should listen. The government talks a good game on ‘global Britain’, but within a week they have confirmed that both a hard trade border with the EU and now these strict migration rules which will also apply to UK citizens wanting to work in Europe.

“It is hard to see how this doesn’t make Britain a smaller, poorer and less successful country in the future.”