How to organise on LinkedIn

Sarah Hughes, Senior Digital Organiser · 25 July 2022

LinkedIn is a space where people talk about work and careers, making it an ideal platform to bring unions into the discussion. Unlike other social media platforms, most people share information about where they work and where they are located. This makes it easier for you to build connections with your work colleagues.

Here are some ideas for using LinkedIn to organise, we recommend you start at the top and work through them as they are set out in order of complexity. For the items at the lower end of the list you should first talk to colleagues in your branch and/or your full-time officer to agree a strategy.

To find out more speak to your organiser, we can run a specific workshop for your branch or join one of the workshops we will be running during Reps Fortnight.

  1. Spread the message about the valuable work unions do. It is important to speak up about progress happening in workplaces, so share positive stories as well as things that need to change.
  2. Enhance visibility of your union. Share and comment on posts from Prospect Union and Prospect staff who comment on the world of work.
  3. Talk about your role as a union rep. LinkedIn is an online CV, with a section for voluntary roles, so let people know the vital work that you do as a rep and the skills and knowledge it has brought you.
  4. Build your network. Connect with your colleagues and contacts who are also Prospect members. By building your network, your posts and shares will reach more people.
  5. Map your workplace. Many of your colleagues will use LinkedIn and you can find them by using the LinkedIn search If you work in a large organisation, you will find it helpful to filter by location.
  6. Set up a private group. Some branches may find it beneficial to create a private LinkedIn group just for union members and use this to talk to colleagues about workplace issues.
  7. Talking about your workplace. You may want to talk about specific things that are happening in your workplace but first remember that as an individual you remain bound by your employers social media policy and this will apply to LinkedIn in the same way as any other social media outlet.

Set up your profile on LinkedIn to capture the skills and experience you have gained by being a rep. Take a look here for a description of the role of a rep.

Screengrab of LinkedIn showing someone filling in their volunteer experience of being a Prospect rep