Conference 2021: Philippa Childs calls for action on bullying and harassment, including safeguarding officers

16 May 2021

In her address to Bectu Conference today, head of Bectu Philippa Childs has called for the industry to put its money where its mouth is on tackling bullying and harassment.

In her speech to conference today, Philippa Childs said:

“Recently, we have had to respond to the shocking allegations of sexual harassment and bullying levelled against Noel Clarke in a shocking Guardian investigation. The fact that this behaviour is still going on in plain sight has caused reverberations and anger across the industry.

“Bectu is clear. Studios, broadcasters and production companies must put their money where their mouth is to tackle bullying and harassment wherever it occurs and however powerful the perpetrators.

“If money can be found to fund Covid Supervisors, then money can be found to fund a safeguarding officer who is on set, trained and experienced. There to support the workforce and empowered to root out bullying and harassment and identify perpetrators.

“Unless we take this moment to demand action then nothing will change.”

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