Cineworld decision is entirely down to distributors delaying blockbuster releases

5 October 2020

Head of Bectu Philippa Childs, responding to confirmation that Cineworld is to mothball all of its cinemas, said:

“Confirmation that Cineworld is mothballing all its cinemas will be devastating for everyone who works there.

“Cinemas are currently able to operate safely so this decision is entirely the result of distributors choosing to delay the release of blockbusters in the hope of making extra money further down the line. This is short-sighted in the extreme and if other chains follow Cineworld’s lead it’s hard to see how there will be a fully functioning industry to return to in six months’ time. Bectu will be working with the UK Cinema Association to pressurise distributors to follow Christopher Nolan’s lead in bringing pictures  forward to help maintain a functioning cinema industry.

“It is our expectation that Cineworld will continue to fulfil its legal obligations with respect to its employees, retain as many as possible, and that those it has to let go will be done so on as positive terms as possible.

“The pandemic continues to highlight those industries which build their considerable success on the back of workers who are paid badly and have zero job security. This is an unsustainable situation that has to change  if we are to build any form of resilience into the workforce.”