Changes to how Bectu provides support with pre-existing issues at work

26 May 2023

At the 2023 Bectu Sector Conference in Eastbourne, Bectu members voted to implement a rule change to the union’s approach to supporting individuals who join the union seeking help with a pre-existing issue.

Philippa Childs

Previously, if you had an existing problem at work and you were seeking the union’s immediate help, you could pay an upfront fee and receive advice and representation on that issue.

Following the rule change, there will be limited discretion where an individual is looking for advice or representation on an issue that arose before they joined or re-joined the union.

This is an important change that will allow us to focus our resources and expertise on issuesthat can provide opportunities to help grow and strengthen our membership, help us organise in workplaces, and provide support on collective issues or group grievances impacting existing members, such as collective redundancy consultations. We are committed to ensuring consistency and fairness in how we approach taking on pre-existing issues.

Union subscriptions are like insurance – the immediate need may not always be obvious, but a union membership is one of best ways you can invest in your career and in your future.

Bectu is proud to represent more than 37,000 staff, contract and freelance workers in the creative industries. This change to our approach to pre-existing issues will allow us to continue to provide targeted and strategic support to our members across the sector on issues that matter to you.

Now more than ever, it’s important to be part of a union and we look forward to continuing to support you in your career and working life.

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