Bectu’s FAA branch secures 3 year pay agreement for Supporting Artistes with Pact

8 January 2021

In 2020, Bectu’s Film Artistes Association branch (FA) had secured a 3 year pay agreement for Supporting Artistes with Pact, the Producers’ Alliance. This agreement, represents a significant pay increase, particularly on supplementary payments, which had stagnated over several years.  A welcome improvement after significant members had seen the loss of months of income due to delayed negotiations, and subsequent shut down of productions during the March lockdown earlier in 2020.

In an attempt to redress the loss of income and align with other industry agreements the pay schedule was brought forward with the 2021 rates coming into affect on 1st of January 2021.  This will be a new schedule of rates for many productions, and while the three year rate card (2020-2022 available here) has been available since June 2020, Bectu to are circulating the new 2021 rate card, to members, agents and productions and reminding them of the change.

Negotiations Official Emily Collin said, “it’s been a challenging year, and our members have been hit hard, and as freelancers, many were excluded by the government support schemes. Bringing forward the rates increase to January 1st, will mean our members can have greater hope that financial stability shall return to them in 2021, as work continues to increase. This will help retain the thousands of talented Supporting Artistes in the industry.”

Bectu will be pushing productions to follow the agreed rates as the industry standard within the FAA zone. Negotiations continue with Pact about improving terms in the full Pact/FAA Agreement, though progress had stalled earlier in the year, current conversations have been encouraging on several of the priorities for members.