Bectu welcomes latest Looking Glass report and urges further collaboration to tackle poor mental health

16 February 2023

Bectu has welcomed the publication of the Film and TV Charity’s Looking Glass ’22 report.

Silhouette of a TV Camera filming a live broadcast

The report is the third iteration of the charity’s Looking Glass research, which provides an insight into working conditions in the film and TV industry and the subsequent effects on the mental health and wellbeing of workers.

Looking Glass ’22 surveyed 2,000 people across the film and TV sector about culture, working conditions, and how well the industry is able to respond to key issues raised over recent years, such as bullying and harassment, poor mental health and financial pressures.

The survey results demonstrate that progress in the industry is underway, with 80% of respondents agreeing that they sensed a positive change to the industry’s culture and behaviours. Attitudes towards mental health and bullying and harassment are improving, with more workers and employers taking incidents seriously and listening to the concerns of their colleagues. Read the full findings here.

However, just 11% of respondents reported that the industry is a mentally healthy place to work, and it is clear that there is further work to do.

Bectu’s mental health and wellbeing policy for film and TV companies outlines practicable ideas and policies to help address the ongoing mental health crisis in film and TV. Find out more and download the guidance here.

Commenting, Head of Bectu Philippa Childs said: “Bectu welcomes the publication of this important research and the pleasing progress it reports on attitudes towards mental health and incidences of bullying and harassment.

“However, with just 11% of respondents reporting that the industry is a mentally healthy place to work, there is clearly lots more work to do. Across too many metrics the industry is simply too far behind national comparators, and it’s clear that long hours and resulting poor work-life balance are critical issues that need addressing.

“An industry is only as strong as its workforce and as the sector continues to thrive it’s critical that it listens to and acts on workers’ concerns. The high level of concern about coping with the cost-of-living crisis is also telling and should serve as a rallying call to Government to work with unions and industry to better support, prioritise and invest in the workforce.

“Progress on some important metrics is however encouraging and clear evidence that the industry is stronger collaborating together. Our film and TV industry is world-class and is full of inspiring, dedicated people and organisations pushing for lasting change – we urge the sector to tap into this passion to create a better industry for everyone.”