Bectu stands in solidarity with striking actors and writers in the US

14 July 2023

The National Board of the Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) has voted for strike action after its television, theatrical and streaming contracts expired without a deal.

Bectu, the UK’s union for the creative industries, extends its solidarity and support and reaffirms its solidarity with the WGA strikes.

Bectu is concerned that a perfect storm is brewing in the UK film and TV production sector, and that the factors contributing to the slowdown – including high inflation, a drop in advertising revenue and the BBC licence fee freeze – that have led to reduced commissioning from the broadcasters, will be exacerbated should the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) fail to reach agreement with SAG-AFTRA.

Head of Bectu Philippa Childs said:

“We stand firmly with SAG-AFTRA and WGA East and West, who are at the forefront of ensuring that the people who create the films and TV dramas that we all enjoy, receive a fair contract fit for the 21st century. Without their creativity there is no film and TV industry.

“We urge the AMPTP to step back from the brink, to tone down the rhetoric and to negotiate realistically and in good faith to bring talks to a successful resolution.

“This is a global fight that is pivotal for workers across the world and solidarity with US actors and writers is important for raising standards globally.”