Bectu responds to reports of pay cuts at VFX studio DNEG 

15 September 2023

Responding to reports of pay cuts being imposed by visual effects and animation studios DNEG, Head of Bectu Philippa Childs said: 

“We are aware of reports of DNEG imposing pay cuts and are doing all we can to support our members who are impacted. Bectu members seeking the union’s support should contact their official as soon as possible. 

“We recognise this is an incredibly challenging time for the UK’s film and TV industry and businesses are having to make difficult decisions. However, workers should not disproportionately bear the brunt of these and it’s critical that employers commit to being transparent and maintaining open dialogue with their workforce. We encourage DNEG to engage with us to ensure that their employees’ concerns are heard. 

 “Many film and TV workers are already facing huge financial difficulties and this will be a very worrying time for anyone working at DNEG. Being part of a union is one of the best ways to ensure you have a collective voice at work. We encourage VFX workers in the UK to join and get active in Bectu to help bring about change.”   

Are you a Bectu member impacted by this news?  

 Please contact [email protected] for support and advice. 

Bectu is holding an urgent meeting about the DNEG pay cuts, taking place via Zoom on Monday 18 September at 7pm BST. Members will receive the link via email, please contact [email protected] with any queries.