Bectu responds to Channel 4 job losses

29 January 2024

Responding to the 200 redundancies announced by Channel 4 today, Head of Bectu Philippa Childs said:

“Today’s announcement and the associated job losses will be devastating for Channel 4 employees and we will do everything we can to support our members affected by these cuts.

“These changes are unfortunately symptomatic of the challenging environment much of the UK’s film and TV sector is operating in, including a marked advertising downturn and cost inflation in the industry – the impacts of which fall heavily on the workforce.

“Bectu members know only too well how incredibly tough the last year has been for the industry’s workforce, including freelancers, many of whom are particularly hard hit by commissioning challenges. Throughout the myriad challenges facing the sector, it’s critical that broadcasters are upfront and transparent with staff and freelancers and ensure that changes are communicated as soon as possible.

“Channel 4 must understandably meet the challenges of a changing media landscape; we will continue to fully engage with them to ensure the public service broadcaster is positioned strongly for the future and can continue to deliver on its unique remit, while providing security for its workforce – who are critical to its future success.”