Bectu joins expert panel to inform shadow broadcasting and communications authority for Wales

15 June 2022

Bectu Negotiations Officer Carwyn Donovan has been appointed to an expert panel that could pave the way for the devolution of communications and broadcasting powers to Wales.

The panel, which is being established as part of the co-operation agreement between the Welsh Government and Plaid Cymru, will provide recommendations and options to help strengthen Wales’ media, and support the development of plans for an effective and fit for purpose regulatory framework for Wales.

The panel will advise and provide recommendations and options to support the work of delivering on the commitment to create a shadow broadcasting and communications authority for Wales.

Carwyn will represent Bectu and the Wales Federation of Entertainment Unions (comprising Bectu, Equity, the Musicians’ Union, the National Union of Journalists and the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain in Wales) on the panel. The expert panel will be co-chaired by experienced Welsh broadcaster Mel Doel and Professor Elin Haf Gruffydd Jones.

The authority’s remit includes aiming to strengthen Welsh democracy and close the information deficit, bring together and coordinate in a structured way the Welsh Government’s existing efforts to strengthen the media in Wales and innovations to support the Welsh language in the digital sphere such as, enhance media pluralism and the use of the Welsh language on all media platforms.

Commenting on his appointment, Carwyn said:

“By appointing representation from the WFEU to this panel, the Welsh Government has reaffirmed its commitment to social partnership which recognises that more can be achieved by Government, employers and trade unions working together in a spirit of cooperation and collaboration.

“The WFEU’s ability to consult the more than 5,000 staff and freelancers whose hard work drives these industries, will give the panel a unique and reliable insight into the impact of any changes to the Welsh broadcasting landscape.

“We are keen to understand plans for the future and will be seeking to secure that any proposed framework comes with firm, adequate funding to ensure our language, culture and industries will thrive.”

Read more in the Welsh Government’s press release here.

Carwyn invites Bectu members to get in touch with him on [email protected] to share their views on the matter.