BBC equal pay: transparency and working with Unions is key in the battle for pay equality

12 November 2020

Bectu has responded to the publication of a report by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) into historical pay inequality at the BBC.

Philippa Childs, head of Bectu, said:

“Bectu welcomes the publication of the EHRC report into historical pay inequality at the BBC. We urge the broadcaster to implement the recommendations in full and recognise the stress and anxiety that fighting for equal pay has on impacted individuals.

“This report highlights the importance of transparency in pay and Terms and Conditions, and it is noteworthy that the biggest and most frequently reported pay gaps are to be found outside of trade union collective bargaining areas.

“Bectu and other unions have worked extremely hard with the BBC in recent years to conduct a thorough review of Terms and Conditions, and to introduce a clear and more consistently applied Reward Structure. Though there are still improvements to be made, particularly in relation to pay progression, it is more transparent and less likely to result in new cases of unequal pay. However we are not complacent and recognise that more work needs to be done. We continue to monitor this situation forensically and to support Bectu members in bringing individual pay cases.

“There are lessons in this report for all broadcasters, many of which have a higher gender pay gap than that found at the BBC and continue to retain opaque pay structures. Bectu calls on those broadcasters to work with staff, Bectu and other trade unions to implement similar recommendations in their organisations.

“While it is right that the BBC faces greater scrutiny, it is certainly true that the BBC is more transparent than others because it is publicly funded.”