VFX branch

Backing VFX workers all the way 

Our VFX branch continues to grow, with members supporting each across several companies. 

The VFX industry is dynamic, exciting and unstable. Film, television and commercials increasingly rely on the talent and skill of the UK’s VFX artists, but bad employment practices by studios and employers are making life difficult for staff in the industry.

The sector’s expectation that staff will work long hours without payment is a major problem which Bectu and VFX workers are keen to address.

What’s the problem in VFX?

VFX studios are being put under a financial squeeze by production companies. Instead of competing on the quality of work that they can produce, many are participating in a destructive race to rock bottom, paying fewer artists less to do more work in a shorter space of time.

Whereas well unionised parts of the film industry are treated with respect by film studios, VFX artists are being hit hard. Talented VFX professionals who make beautiful art are being chased from the industry by bad employment practice, damaging the sector and the UK’s ability to remain internationally competitive.

VFX credits campaign

In July 2017 BECTU launched a campaign calling for every visual effects (VFX) artist working on motion pictures and TV dramas to receive a credit for their contribution to the work. 

Please sign the petition aimed at the CEOs of the major motion picture studios, asking them to resolve the widespread problem surrounding the lack of recognition granted to VFX workers. Bectu has dubbed the treatment of VFX workers as a particularly ‘cruel cut’.

Join us and join in

BECTU can only provide representation to its members. To join visit this page or call 0207 346 0900. Follow BECTU’s support for VFX workers on twitter @vfxunionuk

If you have any questions or want to get in touch about a workplace issue, call BECTU official Paul Evans on 020 7346 0900 or email [email protected]