Bectu’s Disabled Members’ Network

Bectu’s Disabled Members’ Network provides information and support to the union’s disabled members. We encourage the active participation of disabled members in the union’s affairs.

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Employers say that 1% of the creative workforce is disabled*. 5.5 of the creative workforce describe themselves as disabled.**

Someone’s got it wrong.

The Equality Act 2010 defines disability as “a physical or mental impairment which has a substantial and long term adverse effect on a person’s ability to carry out normal day to day activities, and has last or is likely to last 12 months or for the rest of the person’s life”. If this describes you, then you have a disability.

In order to identify how many members in Bectu could be described as disabled, the Disabled Members’ Network Committee has designed a simple survey. The results will help Bectu fight for positive attitudes towards disability across the creative industries. More information.

* 2012 Creative Skillset Employment Census ** Creative Skillset 2010 Creative Workforce Survey

Disabled members network committee

The Network is over overseen by a committee made up of disabled representatives from each of the union’s seven divisions (Arts and Entertainment, BBC, BT, Digital, Independent Broadcasting, London Production and Regional Production).

Chaired by Ann Jones, the committee advises the union on:

  • compliance with disability law and codes of practice
  • provides access to specialised knowledge in the disability field
  • makes a report to the union’s conference
  • publishes an occasional newsletter and news briefings
  • sends delegates to the TUC and STUC disability conferences

Bectu is affiliated to TUDA, the Trade Union Disability Alliance.

The Bectu Disabled Members’ Network can be contacted via the union’s organising official Diane Lockwood.

Useful links

These two pages provide guidance and good practice to help in understanding and using the New Equality Act.

The below document (also attached to this page) reveals the extent of harassment experienced by disabled people. It includes case studies and makes recommendations to public authorities.

More useful links

* Bectu is affiliated to these organisations.

Empowering dyslexic learners

Thursday 8th October, 11.00am

Join unionlearn  for a webinar which will explore how union reps can support dyslexic learners. We’ll discuss what dyslexia and neurodiversity are and how they can impact adult learners. We’ll also hear examples from unions on how union learning reps have supported dyslexic learners in the workplace with practical examples and ideas. We’ll be sure to leave time for your questions too!

Dyslexia is thought to affect about one in ten people. It can cause difficulties with processing information and primarily affects reading and writing skills, though it can affect other abilities too. Everyone’s experience of dyslexia is different. This webinar will help to think of strategies that would help engage and support dyslexic learners.

Click on the unionlearn webinar page to register your place. You can also access a schedule for future webinars and view previous unionlearn webinars.

Skills and recovery

The impact of coronavirus on ways of work, and on the economy, means many workers are at risk of redundancy. Others find work changing or are thinking about new skills and career options.

Unions are experienced at helping people gain skills, change roles or handle redundancy. Union learning reps (ULRs) and Union Learning Fund projects support people in many workplaces. At unionlearn we develop resources and partnerships to help. And from signposting, career information and free learning many of our resources included here can be used by all.

Fighting for equality at work

Prospect representatives have a great track record of challenging inequality in the workplace and winning for members. Click here for a look back over some of the legal highlights for Prospect members in the last decade.