Work to Live Campaign

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The UK TV Drama industry has reached a critical point. Crew are feeling burnt out, disrespected and unable to sustain a family life and their own wellbeing.

At a time when the industry is thriving and studio space is being developed to keep up with high demand the UK industry needs to prioritise and invest in the greatest contributors to this success – our world class crew.

The Film and TV Charity’s ‘Looking Glass ‘21’ report shows that 65% of workers surveyed are considering leaving the industry.

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Your five-point action plan for a better deal

1. Join our TV Drama Action Network, open to members and non-members working in TV Drama. Stay in touch and get updates on the latest activities.

2. Join the online campaign. Get your digital and social media pack here.

3. Are you on a great production that looks after crew or one that isn’t following the TV Drama Agreement? Let us know at [email protected]

4. Make the campaign visible in your workplace. Download our badges and posters or Order campaign leaflets, stickers and badges.

5. Spread the word. Speak to other crew, ask them to support the campaign and to join Bectu!

“I love my job but now want to leave the industry so I can have a family life and see my kids grow up.”

Assistant Location Manager

“Last year I suffered from a mental health crisis, I was mentally and physically exhausted after regularly doing 14 hour days on a TV Drama.”

Production Secretary

“I don’t believe producers are taking the low morale and health of crew seriously.”

Art Director

Committed to fighting for a better industry

Bectu member representatives have been in talks with Pact to improve terms and to create a more sustainable industry for crew working in TV Drama.

Whilst some progress has been made during the talks the latest offer from Pact does not adequately address the current wellbeing and health and safety crisis caused by long hours and excessive pressures.

After many days of negotiations spanning several months talks reached an impasse in February 2022 resulting in Bectu serving 6 months’ notice to withdraw from the agreement.

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Bectu National Secretary, Spencer MacDonald says “We want a set of agreed terms that are respected by both crew and producers. The industry is booming and through these negotiations we have an opportunity to establish a more sustainable industry that respects the home lives and safety of our members.”

Pact/Bectu negotiations are led by branch representatives currently working in the industry and under the agreement. Bectu representatives are your voice in the negotiations. They have been working tirelessly to raise your concerns about health and safety and work life balance.

Download a copy of the Pact/Bectu TV Drama Agreement here.