Support reps can expect from us

When you volunteer for Bectu we don’t leave you to sink or swim! Bectu relies on local volunteers and we’ll do everything we can to support you in your role as a rep.

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We provide a range of resources to help reps do their job as effectively as possible and keep them informed.

Training and development

Bectu runs an extensive programme of training courses, from basic through to advanced skills. Our education team can offer you guidance about the best sequence of courses to follow. These courses are now available online.

We run a one-day course called ‘Reps part 1’, which we recommend as the starting point for all new or potential representatives. It is held several times a year at various locations, but if there are enough new reps in your branch we can arrange a course especially for your workplace.

Following on from that, we run courses on key union skills such as negotiating, representing individuals, making presentations and on a wide range of issues from employment law to equality and diversity. We also provide specialist courses covering issues like pensions and health and safety.

Our organising team

We employ a team of organisers who work with branches to:

  • provide training and development
  • help plan and implement specific recruitment and organisation campaigns
  • give advice about the best way to overcome barriers to better organisation.

Organisers are available to help and support branches in building up membership and local activity. Get in touch with one of the team if you’re stuck for ideas, unsure how to get something done or to discuss how they can support you and help your branch reach its objectives.

See a contact list for our organising team


Bectu has highly trained negotiators and a wealth of expertise to support you in your role. Whether it’s the next step in a personal case or support for negotiating local agreements, support is just a call away.

Expertise The latest reports from our research team will give you new insights into the world of work. Comprehensive updates – from pensions to employment law to tips for tackling unfairness and discrimination – give you the information you need to keep up to date with current legislation and best practice.


Bectu events offer an opportunity for you to meet established representatives who share your interests. You can swap ideas and experiences and build on them for the future.

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