Lighting Technicians Branch

The Lighting Technicians Branch (LTECH) was set up to represent members working in Commercials, Feature Films & TV Drama to look after their interests by negotiating agreed Rates, and Terms & Conditions, with Employers representatives and providing relevant news and support.


Feature Films



Lighting Technicians Commercials

“These are APA recommended terms in relation to commercials productions and an agreement with Bectu in respect of electricians.”

APA agreement, pg.13

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Lighting Technicians Feature Films

The Feature Film Committee covers a wide range of projects, traditionally shown in Cinemas, but increasingly covering some projects now being produced by Streaming Services.

As such, some areas have agreements, while others do not, and are shown here based on the projects overall budget

Major Motion Pictures (MMP) with budget in excess of £30 Million

An agreement on Lighting Technicians’ pay has been reached between Pact and BECTU.

This is effective from 1 April 2022 for all Major Motion Pictures with budgets in excess of £30M; until March 2025 (with an option to renegotiate in year 3).

PACT/BECTU Major Motion Film Agreement

Lighting Technicians’ Rates Major Feature Film Acceptance Letter (Updated Apr 2022)

Non MMP Feature films below £30 Million

There are NO Rates Agreements in place for Productions below £30 Million, so the LTECH Committee has produced a series of Recommended Rate Card (RRC) that shows the recommended minimum rates for other budget bands.

As with Rates, there are no standardised terms or conditions either and so you will need to negotiate your own terms of employment.

It is recommended that the MMP Terms are employed as a minimum.

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Lighting Technicians TV Drama

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Lighting Technicians Rates for TV Drama  Jan 2023 – Dec 2025  (Effective 1 Jan 2023 – 31 Dec 2025)

LTECH Members voted to accept these rates for scripted UK based independent television productions which includes an agreed a rate for chargehands on Band 4, equal to the electricians’ rate plus 20%.

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BS7909 is the Code of Practice for temporary electrical systems for entertainment and related purposes, and an extension of section 7 of the UK’s Electrical wiring code, BS7671, and covers all electrical work that we may be involved with.

It is important to note that a BS7909 course is not a standalone method to prove an individual’s competence.

Employers and engagers also seek other evidence of qualifications and experience before engaging an SPR, or other person, who is to be made responsible for, and work on, any electrical systems.

For more information about the BS7909 Regulations and associated training, see the dedicated page at:

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Theatre, Broadcast & Live Events etc.

For Technicians who predominantly work in Theatre, Live Events, Outside Broadcasts, Unscripted TV, etc. you may be better represented by a branch more suited to your line of work. Contact the BECTU Membership Department or see our transfer advice in the relevant section at the website above.

Lighting Console Operators

Lighting Console Operators: recommended rates Nov 2023.