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Bitesize training for weeks commencing 30 October – 12 December

Bectu end of year gift!  This bumper offer includes a range of scriptwriting courses at different levels and a number with follow up sessions in February 2024;  copyright basics; fundamentals of what should be in your contract; introduction to British Sign Language and that perennial ask of ourselves – what are our career goals for the weeks, months, perhaps, year ahead? Some scriptwriting sessions are in 2 parts, continuing into 2024, by signing up you will automatically be added to part 2. If your attend the October Career Goals session you will be invited to the November follow up. 

Short Film Script Concept & Development Workshop – Theresa Boden
Part 1 – Friday 8 December | 10.00–12.00
Part 2 – Tuesday 6 February | 10.00–12.00

Film & TV Screenwriting 101 – Stéphanie Joalland
Part 1 – Saturday 9 December | 10.00–12.00
Part 2 – Wednesday 7 February | 10.00–12.00

Comedy Writing Masterclass – Paul Bassett Davies
Part 1 – Monday 11 December | 10.00–12.00
Part 2 – Monday 5 February | 10.00–12.00

How to Write a Screenplay Treatment to Market Your Script – Fenella Greenfield
Tuesday 12 December | 10.00–12.00

Using Surprise, Suspense and Intrigue in Screenplays – Ian Long
Friday 16 February | 10.00–12.00

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IPAF and PASMA training

Bectu members’ discount
Members seeking Nationwide Platform training are eligible for a 15% discount on all IPAF courses and PASMA courses. To secure the 15% discount, please contact the union’s Education Team via [email protected] including your Bectu membership number and you will be provided with code to quote to access the discount for any course.

Check out our library of recorded videos and podcasts available to Bectu members covering topics from career support to digital skills.