Background Artistes branch

Background artistes, represented through the Film Artistes’ Association (FAA) section of Bectu, are a growing part of the union. 

Email [email protected] to find out more about the union’s support.

Respect Charter

The aims of the FAA and Bectu’s Respect Charter are to recognise the significant role performed by Supporting Artistes in the film and TV industry, and to ensure fairness, respect and dignity at the work place. The Respect Charter sets industrywide standards of best practice and provides guidelines to be followed by everyone. Working together, Supporting Artistes, Casting Agents and Productions and their representatives, can ensure a positive and productive working environment for all.

The Respect Charter also covers potential issues that affect Supporting Artistes and upholds the right to respect and dignity at work, the right to work and earn a living, and protection from bullying and harassment.

FAA Covid-19 Guidance for Agencies

The FAA are working with agencies to establish a set of standards across the industry where one is lacking. This will bring much needed consistency to the information you receive in availability checks and in advance of a call, so you can return to set safely and confidently. It will also ensure our members are paid appropriately for their time for example when being asked to self-isolate or attend testing facilities. It will also ensure your rights are protected and help members get back on their feet and that the restart of the industry is not at our member’s expense.

Report poor employer conduct 

Bectu and the FAA strive to make sure that all productions abide by the PACT/FAA agreement within 40 miles of Charing Cross. Branch members can report productions offering low paid work that falls outside the PACT FAA agreement by sending the details to [email protected].

Once at work, branch members can also report instances of poor treatment on set, including sub-standard holding areas, bullying or a refusal to honour ALL elements of the PACT FAA agreement, by sending the details to [email protected] using this form. Members of the FAA branch will then look into the production to see if anything can be done.


Background artistes work to the FAA Agreement, which is available for members to view here. Download the 2024 FAA ratecard here.

Rates app for members

Once members have downloaded the app, they simply enter the details of their engagement (length of day, travel, any special requirements for example) and the app calculates the sum due. Use of the app will not only help with accuracy but should speed up the checking out process at the end of a day’s shoot.

Members have been asked to send feedback and/or any observations on functionality to [email protected].  

Member benefits

Along with benefits shared by all members across Bectu Background Artiste members get advice on reputable agencies as well as the FAA rates app, designed specifically for Bectu members to help ensure you are being paid the right rate.

More about background artistes

As freelance workers, background artistes, often known as extras, provide an essential service to film makers and independent producers. Whilst these workers may not be in the foreground of a particular shot, their skills are vital to the quality of the final work.

Email [email protected] to find out more about Bectu’s support for background artistes and to request an application form. 

Whether we are talking about powerful crowd scenes in the latest blockbuster, the historical accuracy of a period drama, or a group shot in a favourite soap, background artistes bring vital skills, flexibility and knowledge to the production process.

The FAA, through Bectu, works to ensure that background artistes are properly recognised and justly rewarded for their contribution to film and programme-making.

Report poor employer conduct

Weather Guidance

This guidance reflects the Health and Safety legislation and Approved Code of Practice relating to reasonable working temperatures. This resource may be used by productions, assistant directors and Supporting Artistes as a guide to implementing best practice in respect to working, particularly outdoors with the increasing changes in weather conditions. Access the document here.