A ‘New Deal’ for freelancers and precarious workers in the creative industries

A new deal for freelancers

The coronavirus crisis has highlighted just how exposed and precarious the working lives of people who work in the arts, theatre, live events, film, broadcasting and TV has become.

It is time for workers across these industries to come together and work on  ‘A New Deal’ – to be clear that many of us will only be able to stay in our industries if the employers are prepared to make it more sustainable for us to do so.

This means:

  • greater  security
  • fairer hours, rates, working terms and  conditions
  • dignity at work – a change in management style so that workers are able to work in environments where they are respected and valued for the work that they contribute.

Bectu will campaign across the creative industries for A ‘New Deal’ for freelancers and precarious workers – a change to the industry where employment relationships are no longer as one-sided, and where these workers can expect reasonable protections from the hazards of precarious working.

Over the coming weeks, we will be consulting our members, both directly, and through their branches. We will be doing online consultations as well as online branch meetings that will allow members to participate directly.

Ultimately, if the workers in our industries can agree what they are asking for, and stick together to insist that employers take our demands seriously, we can change our industries – permanently – for the better.

Our ability to bring about radical change is dependent upon how effectively our union can help people to stick together, and we are urging everyone in the industry to get involved now.

Take part in our ThoughtExchange on the changes that are needed as part of this ‘New Deal’.

If you work in Film and TV take part here.

If you work in theatre, live events, cinemas or the arts take part here.