Free bitesize vocational learning

Bectu is proud to launch its new, free, bitesize vocational learning programme.

Operating most days including a Saturday morning “feature” and open to members on a week by week basis, the Bite-Size Programme offers Union Members the opportunity to participate in enriching classes with groups of varying sizes, on a variety of diverse subjects.

Due to funding limitations, priority is given to members within the English regions. Find out about training we offer in Wales and Scotland.

Please note that Zoom meeting details will be sent out 30 minutes before the session. If signing up to a training session, please commit to attending the session or release your booking for the session so that it can be taken by someone who can. 

If you are interested in developing your skills or learn a new one, please register via our Eventbrite site for the session you wish to join:



Locations 101: Introduction to the Location Department 

Supervising Location Manager Harriet Lawrence explores the role of the Location Department in Feature Films & Television, expanding on some of the hidden roles of Location Teams and giving an overview of how best to start out. Drawing upon her own experience, Harriet explains the skills required to be a productive member of any Location crew, including Scouting, Preparation, Shoot & Strike teams.
Intro to Location Dept 13 July @09.30



Safeguarding 101: Bridging the Gap Between Chaperones & Filming Requirements 

Arlene De Cruz leads this session exploring the relationship between the Chaperones in her branch & Productions, detailing the responsibilities & considerations to be made when working with children On-Set. Bridging the Gap 13 July @13.30




Gripping 101: Introduction to Gripping

Key Grip David Logan presents a beginner’s guide to the art of Gripping on Television, Feature Films & Commercials; examining his own varied career and explaining how Grips fit into the great Production machine. This session will particularly interest those members who are considering a potential career with the Grip Department. Intro to Gripping 14 July @09.30



Scriptwriting 203: Designing Characters to Suit a TV Drama

Anji Loman-Field (Euroscript) explains her strategies for creating characters for the medium of Television Drama, expanding upon tips & tricks developed by her experience writing scripts and common pitfalls to anticipate. Anji intends to equip trainees with the skills to create colourful characters to make a new screenplay stand out from the crowd.

N.B. This session may require work submission, Trainees should expect an email explaining the task prior to the session, and reply promptly with their prepared work. Designing Characters 14 July @13.30



Special Effects 201: Coordinating the Magic

Freelance Creative Richard Grant discusses the vital role of SFX Coordinators, and the cooperative role they play in creating the magic of cinema. Using his varied experience, Richard will debate the skills and knowledge required to step into this management-level role; and how best to approach the challenges it can present with. Best suited to those with an interest in the role and an understanding of Special Effects whether within the department or from working alongside it. Coordinating the Magic 14 July @18.30




Wellbeing 102: Impact of Diet on Mental Health

Nutritionist Jessie Bye discusses the importance of a healthy, balanced diet in maintaining a strong mental landscape. Explaining the relationship between the Brain & Gut, Jessie gives advice on food groups & supplements; though she cautions that instructions specific to participants would be more accurate coming from a GP or personal Nutritionist, who would have the relevant Medical Information for Trainees. Impact of Diet on MH 16 July @09.30



Self-Shooting 102: Problem-Solving on Location

​BBC Trainer Dan Donnelly hosts this session for novice self-shooting directors on how to cope with challenges commonly encountered on Location. Problems of all types and sizes will occur during shoots, but if you have a logical approach, a cool head and a few simple tricks up your sleeve, you can successfully solve the majority of them! This session will provide you with the tips, tricks and approach which will solve the most common calamities. Problem-Solving on Location 16 July @13.30



Factual 102: Pitching & Developing Ideas for Factual & Documentary Television

Award-winning Producer/Director Anna Keel details her strategies for nurturing a concept from a simple idea to a fully-fledged pitch ready to attract interest from broadcasters or producers. With examples from her own experience, Anna will explain the best ways of making your idea stand out from the crowd. Developing & pitching 16 July @18.30




Safe Working 101: Understanding Risks

Rep Education Officer Martin Roberts hosts this ‘Question & Answer’ Session on Risk Assessments; common mistakes and advice for keeping them relevant. Particular attention will be given to the current pandemic and Martin will explore the current Industry Guidelines in some detail for those who wish to learn more. ​

Trainees are encouraged to watch Martin’s Risk Assessment Presentation before participating in the session, and prepare questions relating to their specific situation. Understanding Risk 17 July @09.30




Finance 101: Controlling Freelance Finances 

BBC Alumnus David Thomas hosts the latest of his weekly seminars explaining how to keep finances under control from a freelancer’s point of view; how to stick to the regulations and not waste time procrastinating! Controlling Freelance Finances 18 July @09.30


If you have any questions regarding the Bite-size Training Programme, or work to submit to a trainer, please send your query to