Where can I find the rules of the pension scheme?

Last updated: 03 Mar 2020

Defined benefit pension schemes are governed by the rules of the scheme.

Trust based schemes will have a Trust Deed and Rules, which is the legal document that governs the running of the pension scheme. If you are a member of a trust based scheme, you can request a copy of the trust deed and rules from the scheme administrator.

Statutory schemes, such as the Civil Service, Fire and Local Government Pension Schemes have rules that are written into legislation. The rules of these schemes are publicly available.

Civil Service Pension Scheme Rules

Fire Pension Scheme Rules

Local Government Pension Scheme Rules

In most cases you can find the answer to queries on how your benefits are calculated in the member booklet of your pension scheme. Member booklets will often provide a summary of the rules of the scheme. If you are looking for a definitive definition then you will find this in the scheme rules.

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