How can Bectu help me with my pension?

Last updated: 03 Mar 2020

Pensions is probably the most complex area that Bectu representatives handle on behalf of members, who are covered by hundreds of different pension schemes.

We offer advice and legal representation on pensions issues. Members seeking this should first contact their local Prospect rep or full-time negotiator.

If a member dies, their partner, spouse or other beneficiaries of the pension scheme can seek advice from Bectu about matters relating to the benefits and rights of dependents arising from the scheme for up to 12 months after the member’s death.

Please note Bectu are not authorised under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 to provide financial advice.

We represent members’ pension interests in a number of ways:

  • providing assistance on specific queries
  • encouraging reps to become member-nominated trustees of their pension schemes
  • providing training and regular briefings for pension reps and trustees
  • taking a leading role in helping members negotiate improvements to their pension schemes
  • obtaining independent actuarial advice on changes that employers propose to their pension schemes
  • helping members with queries relating to Fair Deal and New Fair Deal

We have an excellent record in dealing with members’ pension rights, from:

  • resolving problems relating to the late payment of pension benefits
  • advising on the detailed application of their scheme’s rules
  • helping members present cases to the Pensions Ombudsman
  • negotiating major improvements to their pension schemes.

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