Ambition: our new brand

We started out with two very different brands. We wanted to bring Prospect and Bectu together, while retaining the two individual identities under one forward-looking brand.


The designs symbolise a worker’s journey as it unfolds. In a world of portfolio careers, where no job is for life anymore, people face many twists and turns throughout their working life.

Relevant to today

People today need to feel that trade unions are for them. To remain relevant we need to reflect and support the aspirations and ambitions of our workforce as well as promoting the power of collectivism.

We believe ambition is not the enemy of solidarity; rather solidarity is the platform on which ambitions are built and fulfilled. Our new brand reflects this.

You can read more about our new brand and why we are changing in this blog from Prospect General Secretary Mike Clancy on Medium.

New resources

Logo and brand guide                        Logo and brand guide

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Prospect flyer                                  Bectu flyer

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Social media packs

Each pack includes a profile picture logo, a Facebook banner and a Twitter banner.

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Calling cards

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Prospect calling card           Bectu calling card

Calling card sheets

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Microsoft Word templates



Poster for an event:

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Microsoft Powerpoint template

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Microsoft Publisher templates

DOWNLOAD A4 event poster for Prospect and Bectu


DOWNLOAD A4 newsletter for Prospect and Bectu


DOWNLOAD A4 rep poster for Prospect and Bectu


DOWNLOAD A4 picture poster for Prospect and Bectu


DOWNLOAD A5 flyer for Prospect and Bectu



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Prospect/Bectu year planner and desktop calendar

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Prospect/Bectu year planner     

Prospect Posters

Prospect bullying poster A4      Prospect equality poster A4

            Prospect equality poster










Prospect join poster A4                 Prospect play-fair poster A4

Prospect join posterProspect play fair poster