Prospect represents thousands of scientists working for many different employers. Their knowledge and expertise informs our campaigning and lobbying work on science policy issues.

Science, research and innovation are key to the UK’s economic, social and environmental wellbeing. They also touch our lives at a personal level, from the food we eat to advances in medicine.

Government policies affect science, engineering and technology either directly (such as funding for research and development) or indirectly (such as changes to our education system).

The government needs to base its decisions on sound scientific advice. To do this, public interest science in Britain needs:

  • recognition of the crucial role played by science for the public good
  • a clear strategic vision for UK science
  • adequate funds to invest in long-term research and infrastructure
  • a halt to cost-driven lab closures and privatisation
  • a stable work environment, ending the culture of continuous review and reorganisation
  • decent pay and careers for staff
  • action by scientists and government to promote better public understanding of scientific issues
  • open decision making
  • a Cabinet minister with authority and accountability for public sector science and a similar ministerial role in the devolved administrations.

Prospect works for these aims by:

  • collecting and disseminating evidence via briefings and submissions to politicians and policy makers
  • meeting chief scientific advisers in government
  • providing a voice for working scientists.

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