More information about our legal scheme

Legal advice and assistance is offered at the union’s discretion and is decided on the facts and merits of each case. See our legal advice guide (GB) for details of our services and the terms and conditions for advice. Please click here to download this guide in Welsh.

If you live in Northern Ireland please see our legal advice guide (NI).

We take account of factors including:

  • the chances of success
  • the impact of the case on other members
  • the cost-effectiveness of running the case compared to the likely outcome.

Most non work-related benefits, including the personal injury scheme and the LegalLine telephone advice, are also available to the member’s partner, spouse or any of their children aged under 19.

We will regularly review and discuss the merits of each case with the member. Decisions on continued representation or funding of advice are subject to regular review.

Qualifying for workplace and legal assistance

The person seeking assistance must:

  • be in membership at the time problem arises
  • continue to be in membership for the duration of their case
  • not take independent legal advice before approaching Prospect or during our conduct of the case
  • not commence litigation before approaching Prospect or during our conduct of the case, unless it is with our agreement and authority.

Assistance will be withdrawn if the member:

  • decides not to proceed on the basis of Prospect’s advice
  • fails to provide relevant information
  • provides misleading or incomplete information
  • fails to co-operate with the adviser
  • breaches any of the terms above.

Retired and unemployed members

Retired and unemployed members are eligible for most legal services. The exception is assistance over work-related issues – such as employment rights, workplace personal injury or regulatory issues – if these arise while they are paying the retired or unemployed subscription rates.

Geographical scope

We aim to ensure as full coverage of our legal services as possible.
But not all services apply (or apply in exactly in the same way) to members living in Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands. This is because of the different legal systems and availability of advice.

Check with your Prospect full-time negotiator or the union’s legal team for more information on services in these areas.

We are unable to advise on legal matters arising overseas or on contracts governed by other legal jurisdictions.